Monday, September 25, 2006


1st to talk about friday. went jogging in NTU. wah... its damm shag manz. Even with Steph's encouragement, i still hardly completed the intended route. must train up towards December 3rd....
then sat afternoon was WJ's church wedding. So sweet, with video clips and pictures of them and their love story. They finally got married after 100 months( 8 years). so glad for him and fabia. and fabia sang real well manz... can join Spore Idol !

the highlight of the week....... Forbidden City! nice buildup as Steph took me to a nice restaurant to have dinner.A surprise for me too. then we went to hear Kit Chan sing at the Durian. 2nd time in there ( after 'Singing in the rain') , i still like the fantastic ambience in there. glad she liked her 1st musical.

Sunday was super slacking day at home. practically lazing ard and rotting. Finally spent the whole day watching self- financed SCV.
was it de ja vu??? seems like this paragraph appeared b4. not strange as my sundays used to be like this......

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

aiya, any title will do....

A "more than usual" monday blues. a bad hairday... a bad state of mind.... kind of a bad start to the week.
went to the SU14 1st GM... kind of found myself distant from the comm le.. maybe i shldnt have gone in the 1st place. but Steph was there and i am glad she still likes the prog feeling. Maybe i am old liaoz... sighzz.....
a mixed feelings and thots which prob time will be the answer to them. i think i m thinking too much, prob afraid to lose precious things around me.
Arrrghh..... just an odd weirdy day perhaps.
Need a good rest n sleep. havent really recovered from that mega adhoc project.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Programmers!! More than just friends.....special project TOMY

Its tomy's birthday ydae. 17 sept 06. Junjie, Cuimei, Steph and I came up with an idea for him, That is to gather all the closest friends from programmers, 27 of us to make a pack of poker cards for him( including 2 joker). appreciated those who had contributed the photos !
then we endured nights to make that ' looked easy to make' deck of poker cards. These 3 working personel and 1 FYP personnel finally accomplished the task. So at Kbox marina sq, where the bday MAN finally arrived after his busy filming schedule, we, ( in terms of seniority: shujun, shuling, Shifeng, JJ, Me, IZ, Steph,Anna, Edmund, Ilona,Jacq,Lixin) sang a bday song and present the cake , and of cos the PRESENT. programmers from SU7 to SU13 prog comm lor.

realised that it takes great effort to make a customised present for someone. not those bought off the shelf. So tomy , really thanks for those presents u have made for most of us!
Also, CM, i got to know u much better! Steph, glad u are ard to help with the excel and photohop editing, while i keep dozing off. JJ, inject your creativity and flair into the cards and the presentation ceremony. Really thank those who came down Kbox to sing song, eat buffet , depsite their work, FYP, quizes..... also all those whose faces appear in that deck of cards. Actually, i wished to duplicate that for myself!

to myself, so glad to have known programmers. to pool and robe in super laojiao and existing programmers together, its like ONLY us can make it happen. PROGRAMMERs

Monday, September 11, 2006


its sept 11. its again news and reports commemerating the tragic disaster that shook the world. Its also the start of the IMF meeting held at Suntec Convention Centre. The 4 million smiles for the whole world , instead of to fellow Singaporeans.... what an irony...

anyway, it is also my busiest day at work till now. Finally tasted the real thing. haha
my mentor was on course and i covered for him. Some admin paperwork was urgent and need immediate action. I ended up the whole day meddling with it. However, time flies when u are occupied.

its another insurance session for dinner . looks like i will decide and stick to this plan from finexis, from JJ's bro good friend. some soccer kaki at JJ hse.Now lazy to go thru the policy leh. Maybe bring to office and browse thru tmr.

monday blues ... but fast fading for this week. not a bad beginning to the week. world peace.... free of terrorism. however, avoid suntec ya?
haha... one of my good friend in Esplanade for the hottest show in town at the moment. So good luck to THEM.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

new Saturday routine!

i have been liking and enjoying my life right now. Work has been manageable for me though its pretty easy. really depends on whether i use the free time to do something meaningful and upgrade myself.
Also, as i am living my phase of life, i really liked it. my friends have been bugggin for years to get myself a gf. SO to those buggers, now i have done it. And its really worth the wait.

Saturday routine

Had breakfast in Can2 , eating the setA .. the eggs are good. Steph was like drooling over it.
morn 11am went with Steph for a swim in NTU. she siao one... keeping upping the laps , so i have to follow suit, ended up with 24 laps(1.2km) .

Went shopping at Marina SQ. She kept trying out clothes and anticipating her teaching days ahead. until i was so tired and just wanna have a place to sit down and rest.... Opps.. does all bf have this problem?

anyway, as usual . i am back at my grandparents place for sat dinner. the normal chats and talks. o manz, my cousin Gwen is learning mj, where she doesnt even touch it at all before.

Later, its soccer time. now i can watch them live in my house, after SCVconncection last week.
No need to bother my great pal JJ anymore or to go kopitiam and watch with uncle le.
its really antangonising to see pool fall 3-0 to its merseyside rivals . a day where mistakes come one after another.

real tired after a days ' work'.....finally get to sleep to whatver time i wanna wake up and slack in bed!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Life's changed.. .really... when i reach a quarter century

although my previous entry was like 1 month ago, it really doesnt mean i have nothing to write.
conversely, so many life impt things happened!
My life has reached a quarter century... and its dramatically changed!

bobian , have to summarise so many events in a single post. all so memorable, but now have to keep it short and sweet.
Pictures to be updated soon ya?

Graduation convo 26 July
WOW!!! my parents were prob the most happy ones to see their 1st child finally graduated!!!
I was kinda uncomfortable in that gown , but the pictures turn out real good! fellow grads, u all look so happy in them too!

Graduation Dinner and BIRTHDAY 28 July
After work , i appeared at the MAE convo dinner... Yes, its MAE. kinda wrong place for a EEE grad. However, most of my best pals in CTSS,JJC and NTU year1 are in MAE. I wish to enjoy our grad together. i was surprised but touched when they bought a small bdae cake and sang it infront of the other tables! maybe the bdae boy really deserves a present, and he walked away with the top prize of the lucky draw, a PSP!.. .. sorry MAE, a EEE grad got your top prize

Convo outdoor shoot 30 July
Yeah my JC classmates gathered to go for this outdoor shoot. An 'ingenous' idea to drive cars around , so we dont feel the heat... But we end up walking and walking... haha. however, we dont mind! happy snapping photos and posing! really glad the gers turned up. they didnt really complained... but its really hot!!! the dinner at that Greek restaurant in Bukit Timah was good. thanks for the bdae treat, S9!!!

work and getting used to working like. Life has changed , no longer the easy flexible schedule i adopt during uni days. waking up early and resting early is essential. work has become serious and i need to get rid of my procastinating nature asap. nevertheless, i joined my colleagues in soccer and ktv and lunch, enjoying fun times and laughter besides work.

august 20-27
This week is really a new phase( not phrase, tsk tsk) of my 25 years of life. thanks to her which made it happened. and of cos thanks to my great pals which made it extra meaningful. 1st time 1 see a cake was used and candles on it blown for 3 occasions. of cos, the 3rd occasion was really unexpected and we were really touched.

Now that life has changed significantly, i shall not neglect friends and events that occurred before this transition. i will continue to treasure them. and similarly, thanks to the special ones ( one, actually. haha) where my 'new' life begins. really looking 4ward to the times ahead. full of unexpected therefore memorable, special therefore cherished , events ahead!!! so xin foo....not sinful but 幸福/ 姓符。

Thursday, July 20, 2006

2nd and 3rd at work

my Stay at my workplace was easy and slow.. my seniors say this 1st 2 months are the honeymoon months in DSTA. so i must enjoy these 2 months. Also, i just came back from an Induction programme. its real enriching as i got to know fellow new incoming colleagues. Out of the 30 odd people, almost 20 are from fresh graduates from NTU lor. :P
topics on "learning skills for customer interaction", " organisation learning" really benefits me. It makes ponder how conflicts always arise within friends, and also the committees during uni days. It make me more aware of my weakness , to overcome and understand other people too.
Now i am back . havent check my office mail for some time liaoz. a couple of admin stuff to prepare and submit.